Horse Boarding

The Bartlett Homestead Stables

This Civil War-era barn was in great need of extensive repair when the Goranssons acquired Kay Thompson's former Broadfield's 1860 horse barn and 1740 house in 2017.

The Bartlett Homestead Stables are located in this historic landmark built in the 1800s and renovated in 2018-2019 with thirteen stalls, located at 235 Depot road in Eliot, Maine, and is now open for horse boarding. What is today 235 Depot Road is where the Bartlett family, one of the most prominent farmowning families in Eliot made their homestead when they moved up from Newburyport, Massachusetts. At that time, Eliot was the West Parish of Kittery, Massachusetts! If you are interested in more about the history of the early Bartlett settlers on this farmland and their interactions with the local native Americans, check out Views From Rosemary Hill (Author: Helen Goransson 2010) After nearly two years of renovations, the barn is standing tall once again and is now ready to house horses comfortably! Surrounded by lush, rolling hay fields and plenty of trails, this historic barn offers an idyllic location to board your horse just minutes from downtown Portsmouth, NH. At the Bartlett Homestead Stables our horses' care is our number one priority. The barn is set on 36 acres of our own hay fields and provides a peaceful atmosphere where horses can thrive. The facility has a tack room with a cubby for each boarder. The small yet well organized tack room also serves as an office space where messages and notifications can be seen right away. We provide grain and hay to all boarders. Boarders have access to scenic trails and a small riding field .

The Stalls

Upon entering the barn, a wide aisle stretches out before you. On either side, spacious stalls are filled with fresh bedding for when the horses come in from turnout. The smell of clean shavings is incredibly inviting! These stalls could easily fit a large warmblood or maybe even a draft horse, or two ponies. We have seven 12x14 feet and six 12x11 feet stalls available. Each stall is fully matted with automatic watering bowls, lights and a window. You won’t have to worry about your horse not having the space to lay down, roll, and move about safely in these stalls.

The Paddocks

When you walk down the aisle and exit the barn on the other end, you will notice the beginnings of the barn’s turnout space. A few, grassy paddocks of good size can hold a horse or two comfortably. A pathway leads you over a stream and into one of the many hayfields. There is room to grow and accommodate so much more. This could be paradise for you!

We provide full day turn out, with an individual turn out option. Horses will be turned out with breakfast and lunch hay with access to grass in the summer. We are proud to feed our horses the hay from the fields surrounding the barn and the most natural grain diets.

Our Services

Our number one goal is to create a happy, healthy and safe environment for horses and humans. Our full board services include:

  • Quality hay three times a day
  • Grain two times a day
  • Blanketing
  • Wrapping
  • Individual turn out or group turn out
  • Lounging ($10)
  • Grooming ($10)
  • Scheduled de-worming
  • Scheduled farrier
  • Scheduled vet
  • Full day turn out
  • Access to trails
  • Wound treating ($5)
  • Per-stall cubbies in tack room for storage
  • Bathroom and shower access
  • Fly control

2019 Pricing

We currently offer only full board pricing :

  • $650/month per horse
  • $450/month for companion horse sharing stall with primary horse

Our Staff

Our barn managers, Linnea Eskind and Jessica Compositor, live onsite to ensure full time care for our boarders.

Linnea has had a lifelong passion for horses and riding. At the age of four, she began riding at a local barn in Maine. She has spent her teen years riding primarily hunter jumper, showing in local horse shows, interscholastic horsemanship association shows, teaching lessons, running pony summer camps and working with and around horses. She enjoys natural horsemanship and working with horses who have had troubled pasts.

For years, Jessica has spent countless hours on farms and in barns with horses of different shapes, sizes and disciplines. She started taking basic lessons back in elementary school and was working off the costs by the time she was in middle school. The work was just as rewarding, if not more, than the lessons. Since then, Jessica has uncovered and unleashed her passion for equine management, behavior, and welfare, and building a solid foundation with horses on the ground in multiple different ways before asking them to pull a cart, carry a rider, or perform a certain task. She has a few clients in the southern Maine area whose horses and ponies she cares for like her own, but she does have her own horse, too. Jessica rescued a Morgan horse back in 2016 that she rehabbed and retrained over the course of a couple years for recreational driving and riding. Driving is something that Jessica started getting into after she got her horse, when she learned that that’s what he grew up doing. Both she and her horse have quite the heart and mind for it! She’s been lucky enough to have many incredible opportunities and experiences driving other horses as well as her own, and the process of training a horse to drive is something she hopes to do more of as time goes on. Jessica is incredibly dedicated to the horse world and is always willing to step up and help in whatever ways she can.

Equine Operations Contact Information

Phone: (207) 703-8444 (Linnea)
Phone: (860) 754-8912 (Jessie)