Horse Boarding

The Bartlett Homestead Stables

The Bartlett Homestead Stables are situated a short drive from Portsmouth, New Hampshire at 235 Depot Road in Eliot, Maine on the lands homesteaded by the Bartlett family when they moved north from Newburyport, Massachusetts in the late 1680's. For those interested in that history, refer to "Views from Rosemary Hill" which chronicles the history of the region from before the 1600s to 2010. Views From Rosemary Hill This extensive farm passed into the hands of Bert Irving in the first half of the twentieth century. Bert used the barn as the center of his cattle operation through the 1950's. In the 1960's the barn was converted to horse stables. Kay Thompson acquired the farm in the 1970's and spent 40 years establishing her reputuation as one of New England's premier Morgan Horse breeders and trainers centering her operation in what is now Bartlett Homestead Stables. When Paul and Helen Goransson acquired the property in 2017, the barn demanded complete restoration. The extensive renovation projects conducted in 2018 and 2019 were documented in a number of print and television stories, including:

  • Maine farmers lift, restore Civil War-era barn very carefully
  • The Barn at Bondgarden Farm
  • Bartlett Homestead Stables (BHS) is part of the 240 acre Bondgarden Farm operation, which focuses on beef and hay production. One of the advantages of this synergistic relationship is our consistent access to our own high-quality horse hay, a feature that few area boarding operations can offer, resulting in reliance on truckloads of less palatable hay brought in from Canada or New York. The barn is organized as 12 stalls, a feed room and a tack room, which includes a cappucino machine for tired riders needing an energy boost! There is also access available to a toilet and shower in the common area of the adjoining 1740's Bartlett Homestead house. Boarders have access to scenic trails and an outdoor riding ring.

    The Stalls

    Upon entering the barn, a wide aisle stretches out before you. On either side, spacious stalls filled with fresh bedding for when the horses come in from turnout. The smell of clean shavings is incredibly inviting! These stalls could easily fit a large warmblood or maybe even a draft horse, or two ponies. We have seven 12x14 feet and six 12x12 feet stalls available. Each stall is fully matted with lights and a window. You won’t have to worry about your horse not having the space to lay down, roll, and move about safely in these stalls!”

    The Paddocks

    When you walk down the aisle and exit the barn on the other end, you will notice the beginnings of the barn’s turnout space. A few, grassy paddocks of good size can hold a horse or two comfortably. A pathway leads you over a stream and into one of the many hayfields. There is room to grow and accommodate so much more. This could be paradise!

    We provide full day turn out, with an individual turn out option. Horses will be turned out with breakfast and lunch hay with access to grass in the summer. We are proud to feed our horses the hay from the fields surrounding the barn and the most natural grain diets.

    Our Services

    Our number one goal is to create a happy, healthy and safe environment for horses and humans. Our full board services include:

    • quality hay three times a day
    • customized supplemental feed two times a day
    • Blanketing
    • individual turn out or group turn out
    • scheduled de-worming
    • scheduled farrier
    • scheduled vet
    • full day turn out
    • access to trails
    • per-stall cubbies in tack roomfor storage
    • fly control

    2021 Pricing

    We currently offer this full board pricing :

    • $650/month per horse

    Our Staff

    Our barn manager Dawn Marie Hernandez lives nearby:

    Dawn has loved horses all her life and is a third generation enthusiast. After many years of wishing she had a horse of her own, she finally made that happen when she acquired her QH Gelding as a 5 year old, almost 10 years ago in Colorado. She was taken under the wing of a wonderful man that had been training and showing QH and Paint horses for over 30 years. He instructed and conditioned Dawn to do her own work with minimal guidance. She was encouraged to ride as many horses as she could at every level and discipline to expend her education with feel of movement and to learn something new from each horse. Over the years her persistent and dedicated work landed her and her horse numerous Championships in both English and Western events with Equitation being her main focus. Dawn moved back to the Southern Maine area 4 years ago. After acclimating her horse to his new environment, they continued to attend Open Shows. Once again, they were very successful in the show pen and also participated in a new event - Ranch Riding!! They earned multiple day-end and year-end awards Dawn is currently training in Western Dressage and gaining more confidence with her equine partner by going out on the trails and fields enjoying the peaceful settings.

    Equine Operations Contact Information

    Phone: (303) 502-6205 (Dawn)


    Online Documentation Available

    Boarding Application: Download BHS Boarding Application PDF

    Staff Application: Download BHS Staff Application PDF